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In Today’s Internet Age, Is Filing Bankruptcy Online Possible?

In today’s tech driven world just about anything can be done online including filing bankruptcy. With the growth of the Internet, most companies, schools and even the court system have added online features for ease and convenience of the individuals using them. While technically a person can file bankruptcy online, they will still have to appear in the bankruptcy court for their 341 meeting or meeting of creditors. Also a person will have to be represented by a bankruptcy attorney to file their bankruptcy petition with the court electronically. For someone who is filing pro se, otherwise known as a do-it-yourself bankruptcy, they have to physically file the bankruptcy petition with their district bankruptcy court. This feature adds to the ease and convenience, while removing the stress of dealing with the bankruptcy court. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney makes the process go much easier because the individual will only have to go to court one time.

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Filing Bankruptcy Online

Do you often wonder what exactly banks mean when talking about bankruptcy?

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Is It Smart To File Bankruptcy Online?

With the advancement of technology, filing bankruptcy online has been made easy. There are several processing services to choose from on the Internet which will save you time, money and effort. This is a great leap from traditional method of applying for bankruptcy. A few decades ago, people had to go to the court where they had to join the throng of people to apply for bankruptcy. Thanks to the Internet, everyone can now file bankruptcy online.

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